Some Thoughts that Might Not Necessarily Go Together. One Might Say They Are "Random."


1) I am so freaking sore today. I have muscles where I didn't know there were muscles, and those muscles are all in pain. I want to go to bed and stay there.

2) Today is one of those days where everything is coming really easily. Work stuff? Done. Show stuff? Done. Check that shizzle off the list!

3) All I want this week is another ice cream sundae. Yes, I had one last night, too, and I plan on having one tonight.

4) I was over at Megan and Charlie's last night. The previous night, they had stayed up all night trying to get a bat (yes, a bat) out of their apartment. Charlie was at work, and Fuzzy had to work late, so Megan and I worked on stuff and at about 11pm decided to turn the lights out to see if he would make an appearance. I was all like "I bet he's gone" and "there's nothing to worry about" until we heard a chirp that sounded like a muffled fire alarm running out of batteries. Holy crap! Then we heard it again! Thinking it might just be the fire alarm, we waited for a third chirp. Nothing. I totally got the heebiejeebies and the two of us jumped and shrieked like little girls for the rest of the night, especially when my phone rang--it is set to chirp instead of ring. Charlie got home and I had to leave, but Megan reported in later that our bat friend came back out to play. They stayed elsewhere so they could sleep. EEEEEEEE! It was creepy! But interestingly enough, Megan and I are working on a project that involves Vampires, so maybe it is a good sign? Right?

5) Whoomp, There It Is is on the radio right now, and that is one of my favorite songs in the whole world. Really, how can you hear this song and not be in a great mood? I once did a jazz dance to it in high school for my dance recital, and halfway through, the music just stopped and all we could do was take a bow and walk off stage. I didn't get to "slam dunk it, stick it, flip it or grind" my "b double o-t-y, oh my." But hearing it just then took me back to the old school cause I'm an old fool who's so cool.

6) This is one of my favorite sentences in the whole world, written by our friend and awesome comedian Dan Telfer: "We all knew you were a bunch of buttbutt parades who could make things on a choochoo. But how are you with farts and beavers?" I could tell you the context, but it wouldn't make much more sense.

7) Cheese! There, I said it.

Update! Update! The day is half over, and so it is time for an Update!

8) You know that it's a good day when your boss comes in with 2 bottles of vodka from Russia, and those bottles of vodka are for you.

9) Coconut M&Ms are really really good.

10) Fuzzy made a comic about the Bat Antics of last night. Read it Here!

11) The 90s had a lot of great music.

12) My muscles are also sore to the touch.

13) Beets do weird things to your body.

14) I wish I had brought Parker to work.


Oh man, I've been wanting to try those Coconut M&M's. Everytime I go to Wal Greens they are right. by. the register! Wouldn't they make great magic bar cookies??