Toppest Chef


Fuzzy and I have been doing a great job lately of eating fresh, eating better, and saving money by not eating out so much. I love cooking and I am just getting better and better at it. So please allow me to share what I made last night, cause I am damn proud of it.

Potato Leek.jpg

Behold! A potato leek pie with zucchini crust!

Fuzzy a couple of months ago mentioned that he used to make a pie crust that was made out of zucchinis and I became so enamoured with this idea I did some research and have been playing with the concept. This is my second attempt, and even better than the first. I love love love leeks and I've been cooking with them a lot lately and it makes me super happy. Overall, this was relatively simple and cheap to make, and healthy, too. It just took a little prep time. Here is what I did.

For the crust:
Shred a bunch of zucchinis, no need to peel. For this crust, I think I used about 4 1/2. Saute the zucchini in a big pan* with olive oil until it reduces to about half the size. Let cool and drain any excess water. Then mix the zucc with some breadcrumbs and eggs--I don't measure, I just add it till it looks right. Last night I used 2 eggs and maybe about a cup or a little less of crumbs. Then you spread it into a greased pie plate and bake at 350 for about 20 minutes--it will get a little brown.

In the meantime, saute up come chopped leeks in that same saute pan. I added a smidge of olive oil to that as well. Saute until they look good, you'll know. Thinly slice some potatoes (I used one large russet) and shred some cheddar cheese or whatever cheese you like. When the crust is ready, layer the cheese, potato, leeks, cheese, potato, cheese (that was my order, do whatever you like.) Somewhere in there we added some salt and pepper, too, I think on the leek layer. Cook until the potatoes are tender, for me it was about 40 minutes or so, and then let sit for about 5 minutes.

AMAZING! it came out better than I expected, especially for just making it up. I am stuffing the leftovers in my face as I type this, and it is delicious the next day.


*I originally typed "pig pan" and that concept makes me really happy.


That looks like a big greasy yummy concoction that you drink with lots of beer- I can't believe its leeks and zucchini- who knew something that looked so sinfully delicous could be good for you???

Holy effers, I need to get me a pig pan and make me this dish. You know how I love my zucchini!

ahhhh! i need to make this sometime! it looks incredible. way to go top chef!