Where's My Stylist?!


You know me, I am pretty much the awesomest fashionista that has ever lived. People look to me for the newest trends and looks. Please allow me to show you a few of my popular looks from the past.

Vests! Why wear only one shirt, when you can wear TWO?
Erica 9th grade 93-94
Erica School Pic HS

Pigtails! Why have one ponytail, when you can have TWO?
Reid Kids 86-87 School Portraits
Reid Kids 87-88 School Portraits

Lazers! Bew Bew Bew!
(sidenote--can you imagine this photo company's conversation? "Uh, I don't have any backdrop ideas this year." "No problem! Remember that kickin lazer backdrop we had a few years back? Let's just ADD MORE LAZERS!")
Erica 1988 4th grade
Erica Spring Pic 91

Crimped Hair! Need I say more?
Erica 6th grade
Erica 1991

And most importantly, the folded hands/arms while looking thoughtful pose. "Oh hello. I didn't see you there. I was just sitting here, doing some thinking."
Erica 1983
Erica Yellow Dress 1983
Erica Kindergarten?
Erica Senior Pic School

The paparazzi isn't going to know what hit it.


oh my god. those lazzzers. I'm drying!

ahem. I mean I'm dying...of laughter. I'm not currently drying.

okay, i have two comments, both about the picture with the 91 in it:

Are you actually IN that 91 photo? It's a little hard to tell with everything that's going on.

Hey! Cool! I didn't know you were in a Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince video!