Some updates


I feel like I have a lot to say right now, but the hard part is getting it all out of my head. So until it is ready to come out, here are some things that I am proud of that have been happening lately:

*Fitness! With Fuzzy's triathlon just a few months away and the fact that I was completely inactive, we've kicked the fitness into high gear. Here is a sentence I never in my whole life thought I would utter--I have started running! I am no good at it and it is super hard, but at least I am trying! I am sort of following this Couch to 5K guide, and with Fuzzy coaching me on, I am able to push myself further than I ever knew I could. Along with running, we are lifting weights, doing crunches and swimming--just trying to be active every day. I feel great! I have more energy and can feel my body getting back to a healthy state and recovering from the last few years. I tried to take a fitness dance class last week but was thwarted by both the time being incorrect on the website and a poorly named class (who would have thought "Push Your Tush" was pre-fundamentals of ballet?) All in all, it just proves to me that once you get over the hurtle of starting to be active, things get easier and your body starts to want it more. So far, so good! Now all it needs to do is get warmer than 50 degrees--last night's run was freezing! Thanks, June in Chicago.
*Diet! Fuzzy and I are also trying really hard to eat better and fresher. We are trying to eat out less and cook more, making our food choices both less expensive and healthier. We've cut out a lot of garbage. Plus, we are having fun with it and learning how to cook without recipes and also make things in advance for lunch the next day. The fact that we live right next to a grocery store really helps. So far this week, we have made turkey meatloaf with carrots and mushrooms, mushroom and ham quiche, and burritos with squash, onion, mushrooms carrots and a little chorizo. Holy Yummers!
*Getting out of debt! We are both amazingly lucky to both have our jobs--a rarity in our whole circle of friends. We are trying to live off of just Fuzzy's paycheck so that we can send all of mine to the credit cards to get out from under all that mess. It is all about finding a balance--learning what you can live without, yet still allowing yourself a little treat every now and then.
*Projects! I am trucking along with the family photo project, which feels great. The next step is to sort out the photos that are label with names and dates and update the digital files. Then upload the pics to flickr and divvy up the physical copies to everyone in the family. I am doing some production work for Blewt and that is good--stuff I've been meaning to do for ages. Also, we've recently edited a few more Silly Funny Goof Gang episodes (website to be updated soon). Procrastination is just another form of worry, so it feels good to check things off the list. There will always be more stuff to do, so I am trying to just knuckle down and do them. I have daydreams of Fuzzy and I taking a week off of work and just sorting through all the crap and finishing up projects. Imagine how refreshed we would feel afterwards! But all in all, I am in a good place with it. And this week, I start working on a new sort of secret project with a friend...
*Reading! As I've mentioned before, I am not a big reader, but I am really proud of myself for plowing through some books lately. It makes me happy and it makes me relax and feel better, too!
*Misc! We have also tied up a lot of loose ends--the Sirius is fixed! The Radiator is fixed! We finally got a basket for the foyer! Small accomplishments that feel huge. Lovely.

Funny how doing more things right now is actually making me a little calmer. It is all part of keeping the zen...


Yay for you guys! We're all growing up aren't we? Good for you for running, the thing I try to remember most of all is it doesn't matter how slow you go, what matters is you're doing it! Yay for you guys!

You are adorable.

I did the couch to 5k---and ended with the Ravenswood 5k---and it was wonderful!

Let me know if you ever want to run together (I run very slowly, so you could definitely pass me if you wanted to!)