So Busy!


I will try to be better next week about blogging. This week has been so busy. What's been going on? The shows on Saturday were a lot of fun (see the pics here,) and on Sunday I did a photo shoot for an amazing new bike bag (more info to come soon). This week, we've worked on a video for a contest (also more to come soon), gone jogging, had a meeting for Apes (please submit an audition!), seen friends, hung out, cleaned, blah blah. Thank God it is finally hot and I feel more like a normal person. I just get so much more done! Tonight, Fuzzy is going to rock out WNEP's MAELSTROM, and tomorrow, after chillin with some old school Second City friends, we are heading to Milwaukee (which is Algonquin for "The Good Land") to see Barenaked Ladies at Summerfest. Yeah! Fried Cheese curds!

I don't know what to say about all the celebrity deaths this week. We knew Farrah was going to leave us soon--she has the same cancer as Dad did, and no matter how hopeful and optimistic people are when it comes to fighting cancer, I feel so hopeless and can't believe that anyone will make it. Thank God, I know people who have beat it, but I know way more who haven't. My heart goes out to her family.

As for MJ--man, that is just weird. We all grew up with his songs and videos, and for me, as a dancer, I would love watching them over and over. Remember the night that Black or White premiered on primetime tv, after the Simpsons or Seinfeld or something and it BLEW EVERYONE AWAY?! Amazing. I loved his dancing, loved Remember the Time (the one with Iman, and where they do that way low back bend) and Lord, ALL of them; Scream (the one with Janet), The Way You Make Me Feel (the one with the fire hydrant), Bad. They are all amazing. And of course Thriller--I would be too scared to watch the beginning and the end of it, so I would hide (I STILL can't watch the end of it, after the dance), but then loved the dance and the making of. And in the last 10 years I have performed and taught that very dance for a million different shows (including a tv show). Man. So sad. I hope someone out there who had a baby yesterday named it Blanket or King Michael in his memory.

Hold on to the ones you love while you have them. They are precious. Enjoy each day and live the life you want--don't just long for it.

I saw this in Evanston today, and I knew you would enjoy:
Such true words.


Oh, wow! I'm friends w/ Emily, one of the women behind the Pocampo bags (I'm shooting her wedding in September)! She had asked me to take photos for it, but I wasn't available on Sunday. I think the bags are just beautiful.

I saw your awesome photos of the show on Fuzzy's Flickr stream. I wish I had the time and energy to go to all the shows I wanted!

I would really love that stop sign pix...if it didn't immediately make me think of Vanilla Ice.

Oof. That guy has been a jag for over 2 decades and counting.

But you're right.
It's a great message.