Seal of Approval


Per mom's request, here are some pics of the wonderful and adorable seal.

Look at this sweet little baby! He kept swimming in circles, upside down with his little eyes shut and a smile on his face. I was like a little girl again, giggling and squealing about it.


It reminded me of Parker. If Parker was a seal, she would look like this guy. See?
Oh no, Parker's been shot

In my head, everytime the seal swam around it was going "Hmmmmmmmmmmm." This is me pretending to be the seal (yes, I am wearing purple kitty ears.)

So then Fuzzy cartooned it.
366 Cartoons - 146 - Seal


I looked at the Lincoln Park Zoo website and it might not be a harbor seal, but rather a gray seal. I regret the error.

I just wanted to tell you thank you for your sweet card you sent me. The one you sent when Adler was born is in his baby book and I will put this one in Hazel's too. You are so thoughtful.

Beautiful post. Darling seal.