Hot Stuffs!


Homecoming Jill, Erica, Kate, Kaycee, Alyssa, Maggie

Yeah! Homecoming with my girls! Maybe this was 95? 96?
Jill, me, Kate, Kaycee, Alyssa, Maggie.
Someone didn't get the short dark dress memo...

That night, we all went to Maggie's and spent the night. We watched School House Rock and Ghost Writer ("He's a ghost, and he writes to us--that's Ghost Writer!" How weird.) and made the infamous GOULASH! Good times...


That was the BEST night! Ah, the goulash! And of course, "I'm just a bill!" Good times, good times. . .

Erica- Love that you posted this!! I have this photo of ya'll somewhere!! Those were the days when everyone passed these photos around to all your friends. Ya'll all looked so beautiful (and I love the long red dress!). Makes me miss home and all of ya'll!!

How cute!!! Aw, tweenage Erica!

You are ravishing in red!! What a bunch of gorgeous gals! I guess '95...

Somebody else didn't get the "stand up straight even if you are the tallest one in the room" memo! :)

I love you and I miss you - and thanks for the memories!

I have this picture in a frame in my office, by the way.

Oh...and actually...'94, I think. It was my freshman year.