Don't you hate it when...

...some jerkmo in an SUV who isn't looking just pulls into your lane as if you weren't there?
...your arthritis kicks in and you can't touch or lift anything with your left hand, so you try, wince in pain, and then have to pick it up with your right hand? decide to go to the grocery store that's on the way home instead of the one right by your house so you don't have to walk/drive an extra half block and then you realize that you've been wandering the aisles for a half hour instead of just getting in and out?
...the one thing that your husband requests you to get at the store isn't at the one you went to?
...they don't have the type of milk that you drink?
...your pain meds from your painful exhausting period have worn off right when you get to the store?
...because you are having a painful exhausting period, suddenly everything bad for you looks delicious, like fudge marshmallow cookies and southwestern ranch chip dip? realize that the grocery store you are in has a HUGE selection of champagne, unlike the one at your house?

But aren't you proud of yourself when... don't honk or yell at the jerkmo, just casually move a little over and slow down? don't buy the junkfood, and you actually buy vegetables? decide against the champagne because you have lots of beer, wine and liquor already at home? notice that the new grocery store has homemade bagels 6 for $1.99? And when you buy a jar of artichoke hearts and a brick of cream cheese, you can make your own and put as much as you want on the bagel, all while saving money? buy way more than you intended, but it all still fits in the 2 bags you brought? get home, put everything away, then pick up the phone and order pizza?