Call for Submissions: Moms!


Hey all you readers who are moms!

Has someone ever said something to you while you were pregnant--maybe they are trying to be helpful or just not thinking--that has come across as offensive, dumb or just made you roll your eyes? Would you mind sharing these stories with me? If so, please email me at ericareid (at)

Thank you!


Now those stories might take a while. Of course, I think I fended off most people while I was pregnant. The ones that completely TICK me off are the ones who say something about the way he is acting/doing/not doing/behaving/not behaving/etc NOW. Especially when they have NO idea of our life, situation, sickness, nap time, schedule, etc for that day. Anyway...enough ranting for now!!!

I have to be honest with you...I don't remember much from pregnancy. I lost a LOT of brain cells since then. I'll think about it, though, and get back to you!