Things To Do This Week


(in no particular order)

Fix the muffler on the car.
Do some writing.
Go to a fitness dance class.
Get an oil change (for the car).
Not get drunk.
Be thankful for my many blessings. (ongoing)
Format Papaw book and send to the printer.
Develop some personal style. (ongoing)
Do some reading.
Pet the kitties.
Write and send some letters.
Get rid of stuff. (ongoing)
Clean. (ongoing)
Figure out life. (ongoing)

Edited to add:
Light the pilot light in the oven.
Log and edit some Goof Gang footage.
Get phone fixed.
Do some editing of family photos.


Aren't you ambitious!

Well, you checked off number 1 on the way home from work, so that's a great start to getting everything else done.