Roadtrip: Day 2

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Good morning! I write from a Super 8 in Mattoon, IL that isn't really all that super. After a restless night of painful shingles and a crappy bed, we are about to hit the road. We have about 11 hours of driving in front of us, I think. So far, the trip has been great-- we ran into the Schafenfreude guys and Delahoyde on the way out of town last night, and it was a great way to start off the trip. We stopped in Champaign at 10:30 last night for dinner where we had to deal with massive amounts of super drunk college kids, including a huge brigade of dudes in tiny shorts and ladies tops (one of whom casually showboated his weiner to his friends and I, very sadly, unfortunately happened to look up right when it happened. Oh, children.) Also of note is that we listened to Alice Cooper's radio show, which ruled, but brought up the question: 'Does Alice Cooper dj in eyeliner? How about leatherpants?' But I learned that I did in fact want to hear it loud, right between the eyes.

Here we go!

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My condolences to you on the weiner sighting. Fun fact: Alice Cooper lives in Phoenix and we went to his church one Sunday ("his church" = the church he attends, not The Church of Alice Cooper) just to say we went to church w/Alice Cooper.