Road Trip: Phase Three

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When we arrived in Baltimore, we decided to go to Washington, DC first thing the next morning, so that we can get the walking out of the way and avoid the crowds that a Friday or Saturday would bring. Plus, I was getting antsy about wanting to meet President Lincoln. We hopped on a train and headed into town.
Fuzzy and Erica about to go to DC!

The first thing we saw was the Capitol Building! Crazy!
Erica and the Capitol Building!

Fuzzy, how do you feel about the Capitol Building?
Fuzzy and the Capitol Building!

So of course, I had to be a Bill, yes, only a Bill, sitting there on Capitol Hill.
Erica's Just a Bill

The monuments were amazing. I was so awe-stricken that I was speechless. So we gave the Washington Monument some hugs:
Erica Hugging the Washington Monument
Fuzzy Hugging the Washington Monument

Then Fuzzy crushed it!
Crushing the Washington Monument

And I served it up on a platter.
Would you like some, Hun?

This photo could seriously be a postcard. I want to blow it up and frame it. Fuzzy is such a good photographer!

Mississippi Represent Represent-sent at the WWII Memoral:
Go Mississippi!

I got weepy at the Lincoln Memorial.
Erica and the Lincoln Memorial

Fuzzy, how do you feel about the White House?
Fuzzy, how do you feel about the White House?
There were security guards on the roof! And I kept saying hey to Malia and Sasha, just through the fence.

We went to the Native American museum at the Smithsonian to see an exhibit about cartooning. It was really cool.

We also went to the National Archives, and we saw the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. I could have stayed there all day! When the day was done, and we were walking to the train station, there were suddenly a bunch of police cars with their sirens ablaze and a number of black SUVs. I, of course, looked really hard into each one that passed, and there was one with darkened windows and a familiar looking silhouette...

Finally, walking past the other Smithsonian museums, we got this gem:
Voyage to Anus

God Bless America.

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You made a great "bill", just "sittin' there on Capitol Hill!" (Just makes me want to sing the whole song!)