Road trip day I have no idea


When I was a kid, I used to daydream about going to 2 places: Hawaii and Washington DC. Today, one of those dreams came true.

I loved DC. Everything about it. Fascinating. Inspiring. Emotional. I am exhausted yet exhilerated.

I can't wait to write longer thoughts and post pictures from this trip. Today, I saw the Constitution and the monuments and I am pretty sure I saw President Obama's sillouette in a black SUV in a police convoy. At least, I will think that I will.

We bought the most sweet-ass Obama tshirt today- so sweet that only a photo will do it justice. So so sweet that after we bought one for me, we bought one for Fuzzy.

Now we and our tired feet are on the train to Baltimore for a crab dinner and a king size bed.


"a crab dinner and a king size bed."

You just decribed my idea of heaven.

Glad you guys are having a great time!! You deserve it!

I love D.C. Believe it or not it's always reminded me of Chicago. Lots of parks, lots of greenspace, easy for pedestrians, a bunch of people working hard on what they're working on.

So glad you guys hare having fun! See? Vacation? IMPORTANT!

Ms. Reid--Hope you don't mind this odd intrusion, but I had to write and tell you about this. My 10 year old daughter, Ali, asked me to google her name today. We came up with a post on your wedding blog with a photo of a book called "Barbie Loves Weddings". Your blog said that the book says it belonged someone with my daughter's name--same spelling. She is positive she had a book like that. I frequently take our used books to Half Price Books here in Austin--where I believe your in-laws are from? Is that hilarious? Congratulations on coming up on three years of marriage. Your anniversary is close to ours--August 1 (1992). All the best!

How neat! I'll have to go and look for the book and take a pic of it for you and Ali! Fuzzy's family are all bargain and yardsale shoppers so I have no doubt that is her book! What a journey it has made, right?

Thanks for the well wishes and happy early anniversary to you as well!!