Really? Seriously? Are you Kidding Me?


I have fucking shingles.

GD fucking shingles.

I am not happy.


WTF. No... seriously... what the f.

My mom had shingles... so, I know you'll survive... but, crap!

Oh come on really? REALLY?

My girl, you'll get through this.

Oh, that sucks!

Oh, heart goes out to you.

I hope you feel better and are on the mend soon.

Donuts are nature's cure, Erica. (man that sucks, I hope you heal soon)

oh no! i really hope this doesn't get in the way of your visit here (and the rest of your trip)!

I think I posted a comment as "a fanny" a few months ago, because my browser filled it in automatically. I swear there was some context for it? Anyway, that last comment was creepily signed as "a fanny" by accident.