Dunkey Shoot!


Here is the Best Tshirt In The World. There are so many awesome things about this T-shirt. It is made of awesome.
Best Shirt Ever

I don't need to point out the awesomeness, but here is a list:
*Obama is Superman
*Obama is Michael Jordan
*The time on the clock is 1:20:09
*The Neal Armstrong Quote
*Note the quality of screenprinting
*Note John McCain wearing the Obama shirt in the front row
*His number is 44
Lookin Good, Mr President

Front of the Best Tshirt Ever

When we were buying it, the seller kept saying "Dunkey Shoot" which sounded like "Donkey Shoot." It was so awesome and now I can't stop saying it.

If the front wasn't enough--check out the back!
Super Obama

So of course, I had to pay my respects.
Yeah! Dunkey Shoot!

You are welcome, America.

EDITED TO ADD: Oh yes! As Fuzzy reminded me, this gem was only $10! We were prepared to pay as much as $25 for it, cause as I walked away from the first vendor, I realized I wanted it more and more. After we found out it was only, $10, we went and bought one for Fuzzy, too! SCORE!


There is not a word for how awesome that shirt is.

I'll add to the list:

* it was only $10!

Would I be a wuss if I said it brought tears of joy to my eyes when I scrolled across the photo w/you in front of the White House?