Child Safety

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It is hard to be a mom.
All the lugging and diapers and strollers and STUFF you have to cart around. Then there is the actual KID you have to cart around! How is it possible to do things like shop, eat, or even pee when you have a baby or a toddler?!

Koala Bear Kare has made great strides in helping the weary mom by offering changing tables and baby safety seats in many bathrooms, so you can free your head and your mind when doing your business.

Thankfully, this rest area in Pennsylvania has taken this safety concern to heart:

Child Safety Seat

Thanks, PA. I can rest easy knowing that my kid is safe and sound snuggled up to that trash can.

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I thought the whole idea was that you were encouraged to throw your kid away if they were being a brat. That's what I'd tell my kid (if I had one) anyway.