Happy Birthday Parker!

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Ten years ago, my dear precious darling Parker was born.
Parker Tie.jpg
(she got all dressed up for the occasion)

The events of her early life are unknown, but somehow, she was abandoned as a wee little tiny kitten in the Vicksburg National Military Park at Tour Stop 14. My aunt Susan and cousin Jamie were in town visiting, and found this tiny screaming kitten in the rain. They did the only thing they could think of--took her to Mom, who was working in the park. The next day Mom called: "We have a kitten for you." Me: "I only want her if she is tiny." Mom: "Oh, she is tiny alright." And the rest is history. (That's how she got her name, too)

(somehow, this...)
Baby Parker

(...turned into this:)
Parker belly.jpg

Parker has been with me through thick and thin. She is one of my best friends in the whole world. She knows when I am sad and is always there with snuggles and purrs. She made the move with me to Chicago 9 years ago without a single complaint and has always made a home out of the 7 apartments we have lived in together. She is hilarious and I don't know what I would do without her.

She also loves dressing up:
Parker Wig.jpg
Parker Bee.jpg
Parker Headscarf.jpg
Parker Jersey.jpg
(And that is just a few. Full set of Parker Pics Here)

I think it is hilarious that she would be in 4th grade now, if she were a human. Here's to many more years with my little kitty!
Parker Angel Devil.jpg

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Happy birthday, sweet Parker! I love that you're comfortable in your sexuality enough to sport a manly tie. You go, girl!