Dirty Thirty


Well, I did it. I'm now the big 3-0. And you know what? It feels great.

I remember when my mom turned 30. My aunt Linda cross-stitched her a picture of a redhead lady wearing blue jeans and holding a bouquet of flowers. The caption said "Be nice to me, I'm over 30." It hung in our hallway in the house I grew up in until my parents moved about 14 years later.

It seems like the bad birthday curse might have been lifted, too! No one was murdered, no one was in the hospital, and there were no tears! Success!

The weekend was perfect. Thursday night, Fuzzy took me to see Andrew Bird at the opera house and it was amazing. I have probably seen him perform no less than 25-30 times, but it had been about 2+ years since the last time I saw him. The concert was beautiful and amazing and, with the exception of being accosted by an extremely drunk woman in the lobby (who later disrupted the show), it was a perfect night.

Friday afternoon, my BFF since I was born, Melissa came into town to help ring in the new decade! We took a tour of the Bunny Office Where Fuzzy Works, and then ate our faces off at the Best Restaurant In The World, Ras Dashen. Then we stayed up talking and listening to music and watching tv and giggling, just like old times.

Saturday we had breakfast at Metropolis (so that Melissa could be even sadder that the coffee shop next to her office in Starkville is sucky) and then did a little shopping. Then we, along with Fuzzy, made the infamous Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes (Ho-ly Crap they are amazing) and other awesome things like brie with pecans, brown sugar and Kaluha, seared scallops, BBQ sausage and garlic cheese grits. Amazing. That evening, a couple of close girlfriends came over to eat and drink with us, and it was full of laughter, memories and great stories. It was such a blast.

Sunday morning, we had breakfast at M Henry then sent Melissa back on her way to MS, sadly. It was such a blessing having her here. Thanks, Melissa!

The rest of the day was very restful--napping, cleaning, talking to family and wishing them a happy Easter. I even got a nice long talk in with my brother, which is a rarity these days with him being in his last 3 weeks of grad school. It was lovely. I even got to wish Memaw Bane a happy birthday, too, because she was awake! That made me so happy. It has always meant a lot to me that we share a birthday. I'll always carry her with me.

This morning I woke up refreshed and happy to start the new decade. I am feeling pretty good.

Just be nice to me, I'm over thirty.


Happy Birthday! 30 is the new 15 so go hang out at the delchamps and party down!

What an incredible edible birthday weekend! It was everything I dreamed it would be!

Happy Birthday, Lady!

I'm about a decade ahead of you, so I can honestly say that your 30's will rock.

You get to leave all the drama of your 20's behind you and stand solid on stuff you've learned and the person you've become and are becoming.

Rooty toot.


Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Dad had a nice day, and Heather had a good Birthday. Carrie says HB too, and Welcome to The Over 30 Crowd. Yea!!!!!
Gwen Handley ( the over 50 crowd)

Thanks friends! Y'all are the best!

Happy late birthday! So great to hear it was a good one. Sounds like you ushered in the 30's in the most perfect way!

Happy Birthday (belated!)

WOuld love to hang out soon...am done with work in a few weeks....