The Gloomy Side of the Bed

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I knew today was going to be gloomy. I knew it months ago, when I turned down a babysitting job for today. "That's a rough weekend for me" I said, but it was mainly just a precaution. The hardest day isn't even until Monday, so why is it seeping in today? Today has all sorts of good potential...sleeping in, kitty snuggling, and later window shopping, letter mailing, therapy, a night off... but yet, I can't shake the gloom, the almost tears, the sad songs that are playing on iTunes. How do I push through it? Do I even want to?

If it was warmer than 30 degrees out, I would go for a walk, but even that is an ordeal. I need to package up some things to mail, but even that is daunting.

Breakfast was 2 girl scout cookies, some glad corn, string cheese and a cup of tea.

I want to go back to bed, but instead I will try to check some things off the list. Procrastination is just another form of worry.

Something I am actively working on? Letting go...

But feelings are feelings and they are a blessing to have. At least I know I'm not a robot.

Update: I got the packages ready. Took a long bath, and went back to sleep for a half hour. I just woke up and have decided to treat myself to some quiche and coffee at Metropolis before heading downtown. But I also chipped my pretty nail polish. Darn.

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Actually, you are a robot. Programmed not to know that you're a robot. Later on I'll email you your soul-code.