Happy birthday to the most wonderful person I know, my sweet husbie. 39 has never looked so good, Babe. I love you!

Warm and Fuzzy.jpg

We have a hot day ahead of us of shopping, eating at Hot Dougs, and eating at The Publican. Team Gerdes loves our food.


Also, Happy Birthday to Don and Happy Belated Birthday to Ian! You guys rock!


Happy Birthday Fuzzy! 39? really? ;) lol. i love yalls pictures!

Big birthday wishes to Fuzzy! I hope that the two of you enjoy celebrating today!

Thanks guys!
We had a really awesome day, and we are going to have phase 2 of the celebration on Friday night.

And Carrie, I know! He doesn't look a day over 30. He's got good genes.

Sorry I'm just now reading this..I know it's late, but tell Fuzzy Happy Birthday for me! I'm with everyone else.. I can't believe he is a day over 30.... Seriously!