Mrs Doubtfire


Fuzzy and I have been doing an amazing job of cleaning, sorting, purging and unpacking lately, and I am so proud of our progress. A moment ago, I was unpacking a box from the Great Memaw Bane House Purge of 2008, and I came across these old old salt and pepper shakers she's had forever (they may have even been my Great-Grandmother's). They were wrapped in a newspaper that we found in her house. This newspaper had a partially worked crossword puzzle on it. This newspaper was from 1994. There was an ad for Mrs. Doubtfire on it.

But considering we through away a closetful of magazines from the 1970's, 1994 isn't too shabby...


My husband worked on the Tulagi. He passed away last Aug. I am trying to do a book for my grandson who was 3 months old when he died. I have a few pictures one is of the Capt you mentioned. Do you know when your Dad worked on the boat? My husband worked for 2 yrs to save money for college to go with his GI Bill. Do you have further info on the towboat?

Thank you very kindly.