Life. How bout it?


Isn't it kind of amazing how people come in and out of your life at different times for different reasons and that sometimes people show up at just the perfect time and you might know why right away or you might not even know it till later but that person was put there to help you with something or to enhance a part of your life? And that people you used to see daily suddenly you realize you haven't seen in over a year? And that most of the people in the world, you don't even know and will never know? And that everyone's experiences and perceptions and view on life is different, but that we learn from each other and become better or worse people based on the company we choose to keep?

I find that comforting.

This morning on the way to work, I saw 2 people all bundled up trying to cross the street, and for some reason, I thought to myself how they have their own world going, and I don't know them and I don't know what they do or where they are going or what they are thinking about or looking forward to or going through. But the good news is, they don't know that about me either. But yet we cohabitate in the same environment and might even know some of the same people and ultimately are just trying to do the best we can with who we are and what we have and want in our individual lives.



I entertain this idea really quite frequently in two very particular ways:

Often on the train I'll watch people and wonder what they'll be doing in exactly one hour. Which leads into one day. Which leads into one month, etc. etc. That might be one of my top "if I could" superpowers -- to be able to see where people are going and what they are going to be doing.

The second is one of my favorite parts about Facebook; seeing what unexpected mutual friends I have with people. Once in a blue moon I will stumble across someone I don't know who knows some of my Chicago friends as well as some of my Iowa or New York or anywhere else friends -- people who I'm certain don't otherwise know each other. Blows my mind.

I do the exact same thing.

It's amazing how much comfort can be attained by watching a stranger move about their day.

I also have a habit, when I'm in my car and I see someone out jogging who does not have a runner's physique or is older or looking worn down - I often utter a cheer for them, using descriptor like "green headband" or if they have a distinct celebrity look.

"Keep it up, Chaka Khan! You're doing great!"

Of course, they never hear me, but, I like to think other folks are mentally cheering me on in my rough patches. So that spurs me on.

It's way cheaper than a trainer.

This is one of the reasons I love the city of Chicago so much. There are so many people around to speculate about what their lives are like and it's so common to suddenly find yourself talking to them and then they sometimes end up being good friends. About half of my friends in the city have been introduced to me that way. I love it!

For real though, right? It's kind of amazing...and on those days where I'm feeling a little too weighty in my own skin, it sure is nice to step outside for a minute or so.

I'm glad you're in my life - sometimes a lot, and sometimes a little - but always in my thoughts. LOVE!