My Power Song

I have a power song. Power songs come and go depending on your phase of life, mood, etc, and this particular song I have found myself listening to on repeat lately to get myself jazzed up. I love love love this song and cannot get it out of my mind.

It is Beyonce's Upgrade U.

The nice folks at Sony BMG Music Entertainment have disabled their embedding code, so if you want to hear the song and watch the video (which includes not as much dancing as I would like in a video, but awesome dancing nonetheless) you have to click on the link to go to youtube.

I am a proud lover of pop music, cheesy music, teenybop music, ghetto booty music, top 40 and dancey music, so I am proud in my proclamation. I have loved Destiny's Child ever since they became a household name, and I am loyal to Beyonce. Sing it, girl.

And I think this video is perhaps one of the greatest dance videos I have ever seen (and a kickass song).

Now forgive me, I am off to get my Audemars Piguet watch, dimples in your next tie, Hermes briefcase, Cartier top clips, silk lined blazers, diamond cream facials, VVS cuff links and six star pent suites.