Let's Be Positive


I thought I would list some things that make me happy. Why not? (some might call this the "Get Up On" entry)

1. Fuzzy--always and forever
2. Ras Dashen--amazing Ethiopian food
3. Picking out the former ANTM contestants at the runway show castings on Project Runway--this season Dani and Bianca made the cast and Nyima audtioned. In the past, Anne was in an episode, too. Ain't no shame in this game.
4. My friends being on reality TV--we all know we have lots of friends on TV shows, but REALITY TV is a totally different animal. A hilarious animal.
5. Cheesy Booty Music
6. Betty Crocker Warm Delights--need I say more?
7. DADA: Schmuckt die Hallen
8. Seth's performance this week in Impress These Apes!
9. This hilarious story of when J and I went out Saturday night and drank Disaronno.
10. My girls.
11. All of my amazing, loving, hilarious, supportive friends. You are all wonderful, and I don't know what I would do without you. I love you all.


I made a list! That's awesome. I like watching that video too. My folks told me they are getting seperated 4 days before that night so it was a big cathartic release to get up there and yell into a bullhorn.

Did you hear about the kerfluffle between Bianca from ANTM and Nikki Blonsky the girl from Hairspray? Such sillinesss. The extra S is for extra silly. I love it.