Stuff and Stuff


Hey dudes.

Life keeps going, doesn't it?
We got 4 kitties and a dog to their new Chicago homes, and it is great. Thank you all who helped with the search, especially Megan and Shannon. Y'all rule!

New episodes of the Silly Funny Goof Gang are being released weekly here!

Pollywog in a Bog, the Barenaked Ladies video that Noah painstakingly dedicated several months of his life to, is out! He made the puppets, built the set, puppeteered, edited, and animated it (with a little help from some friends.) It is amazing, and I am so proud of him and thrilled that I got to be a peripheral part of its creation. Watch it here!

I've decided that July 1st is going to be my new year, where I am going to focus on taking care of myself, working out, having as much fun as I can, getting financially stable, and dancing more. I am ready for a new beginning.

I hope all is well in the world of you guys!


Oh, those goofs!

It's July 1st! YAY! Happy New Year! Wanna make out?!

Best wishes for the New Year my friend, let the ladies help you get it started!