6 Months


It's been 6 months since we lost Daddy. So weird. So much has happened in that 6 months that it is all so hard to wrap my mind around. A lot of good stuff, a lot of shitty stuff, but mainly I just try to get through each day as it comes to me. I miss Dad now more than ever. And each day doesn't get easier, each day only gets harder.

I think Daddy would be so proud of me. I just got back from an amazing trip to LA where I had opportunities in front of me that I never dreamed I would have. I promised to him in his final days that I would continue doing wackadoo comedy, and though I am not performing so much, I am still working my ass off on my shows. He was with me all last week in LA, I could tell.

I think he would be happy that Christopher and I are taking care of Mom as best we can. We helped her get through her struggle with her illness, and we continue to help her get through each day as best we can from far away. He would love that I am helping to find homes for all the little boogercats in Vicksburg, which is something he asked me to do. I think he would be proud of the fact that, although I have been struggling, I am doing the best I can to take care of myself.

I think he would also love the fact that I am sort of periferally involved in the making of a video about a frog. That one gets me--I tear up every time I hear the song. He would love it so much; I can just see him giggling and turning red and rubbing his beard.

Everything reminds me of Dad. Every little last thing. Which can be disturbing at times, cause I can't escape it, but it is also a comfort. I don't ever want to forget. And if it means I cry every day or at really random times, then so be it!!

We miss you, Daddy, and we love you so much. I hope you have had the most amazing 6 months ever. I can't imagine the splendor that you are experiencing!!

Ah, life.

I'll post more about the LA trip soon. For now, though, I'll just say that we rocked it. Exciting things are in our future--I can feel it!!

More soon! xoxo



Beautifully said..I know David couldn't be more proud..