My Heroes


My sweet Mama and Daddy at Thanksgiving.

Thank you to all for your loving words and sympathy.

Christopher, Mom, and Fuzzy are keeping better records of recent events, if you would like to keep up there. I am not as good of a poster as they are, but I do what I can.

Boy I miss my Dad. It is so hard to believe he is gone. But I know he is having a grand ole time up in Heaven, rocking out with family, old friends, and some of his favorite musicians. And Big J, of course.

Look after us, Daddy. We love you and miss you.



Your father couldn't have asked for a more loving, wonderful family.

I have no doubt that he looks down on you all with love and pride and gratitude for a life well lived and a legacy of incredible, truly human, human beings to remember him and imbue his life with meaning and joy.


You and your family are beautiful. I'm glad (glad? I think Pollyanna took over my typing for a moment) that you taking all the time you need to be with your family right now. One day at a time, indeed.

Lots of love, support, laughter and hugs are waiting for you in Chicago ...

Sandwich and soda,