My kingdom for some sleep...


I don't know how many of you actually read this site, and I can't blame you if you don't. I rarely post, and when I do, it is all "come to my show" posts. Not really that exciting. But if you do read this, and you want to know what has been going on, then, maybe I can ramble about it here.

Dido, Queen of Carthage opens this week! And all the hard work has totally paid off. The show is amazing and beautiful and I am blown away by it. Last night, at tech, I got all teary-eyed during one scene. The effects gave me chills. And I have to say that feel outrageously gorgeous in my costume. I am really proud if this show.

Oh, and my hair is blue.

After tech this week, I'll have my Mon, Tues, & Wednesday nights free. Well, at least after next week I will...I have a few rehearsals with the Belmont Bombshells about the new intro dance for the Belmont Burlesque Revue (premiering Saturday Feb 25--it is pretty freaking adorable, I might add.)

In all of my show juggling, my back has decided to rear its stubborn head and give me hell. I can barely move without major pain all over my mid back. It is no surprise to me--I've always had back and joint issues (from scoliosis and years of abusing my body with dance) and everytime I do too much, my body finds a way for me to shut down. In high school, it was with painful knees (10th grade), broken wrists (11th grade--from passing out at a rehearsal mid-sutenu turn), and dislocated knees (12th grade), and as I've grown into an adult, it is with more extreme cases, such as kidney stones and cramped neck and shoulder muscles. So this back thing is all a part of it. While my muscle relaxers make me groggy in the morning, they help me sleep without pain at night. I just have to use them only as needed.

After Dido closes, I am really going to be dilligent about taking some time off. I need to work on getting my health in order and I want to focus a lot on the wedding. And I kind of just want to relax and see friends and be a little bit normal for a while. I love performing so much, but it should always be fun and not a chore--I am afraid that it gets a little chore-y too often for me. Therefore, balance is key. I need all the help I can get, so if you hear me talking about 5 projects this spring/ summer, please give me a nice hard slap on the face (or the ass).

SINema is going well, and is a whole heck of a lot of fun. I find that when I completely stop caring and am kinda out of it, I am much funnier and less likely to hold back. I was proud of my performance in last week's show.

DSTW is awesome as always and is so fun to play in and watch. We sadly had to cancel the show on Saturday, but I'll still do a show here and there with it. Plus, Jeff and I have choreographed a doozy of a musical number for the steady cast...

KOKO is about to be a little different for a while--Megan is going to be a cast member with the Second City boat cruise gig they have for the next 4 months, and Rebecca was hired to be a cast member of Second City's Touring Company, so she will be on the road quite a bit coming up.

Fuzzy is amazing and rocking out a million projects, too--with directing/ producing SINema, performing in a number of burlesque variety shows, coaching an improv team, and taking a class. He is constantly an inspiration to me, and so so so talented.

We also have a lot of friends scheduled to visit in the next few weeks! Alex and his girlfriend and Kirk will be in soon (March 4-5 weekend) and Melissa and Grady will be here the week following that, then Lawrence will be in soon after that! That is a lot of entertaining...

So yeah--basically, everything is great, we are always having fun, and there isn't enough sleep in the world that I can get...but soon! Soon, it will be nothing but sleep and relaxing! Right? Right?


Blue hair forever! It looks awesome. We can't wait to hear more about the wedding!

wow. I got a shout out. So, how are you? Looks like things are well...