The story of Midgetbusdriver goes like this: Upon my moving to Chicago almost 6 years ago, I suffered from severe separation anxiety from my 2 best friends, Erica and Sara. Therefore, we made lots of 3-way calls. One night, we when all 3 of us were AOL subscribers, we tried to come up with as many random usernames as possible for each of our 5 possible screennames. The brainstorming was hilarious and brilliantly created some of these gems: donkeybasketball, frontalthong, nardotwoshoes, pickyourafro, chickenlipstick, etc. Sara at one point said, "Midgetbusdriver....you know, cause you never see those." And thus the email, screenname, and later website was born.

For Christmas this year, Fuzzy showered me with many wonderful presents (as always). One particularly amazing one is this:

Midget Bus Driver by Ces

Yes, that is in fact, a midgetbusdriver. Yes, it was created especially for me.

The artist is Francesco Marciuliano, of www.DrinkatWork.com (with the Web Comic Medium Large http://www.drinkatwork.com/mediumlarge.html) and Sally Forth (writes the dialogue) fame.

I feel so special.


That cartoon is one of the cutest ever!!!

That is excellent. Once again, in a "muse/inspiration" kind of way, you have yet again been transformed into a cartoon. I can think of no greater an honor (runner-up honors: sainthood, having a drink named after you, becoming a popular dance craze, ie "Everybody do the Erock!").