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Kelly and Jon, October 2015. Photo by Althea Dotzour Photography

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Amanda and Sonny, August 2014. Photo by Johnny + Michelle Wedding Photos


Denise and GeorgeGabe, March 2014. Photo by Angela Renee Photo.

Elizabeth and Bryan, May 2013

Erica officiated our wedding in May of 2013 and was a delight to work with at every step. She made it easy and fun to create our vows and choose the details of our ceremony, coordinating with our wedding planner and others to help us shape a wonderful memory we will treasure all our lives. She helped us add personal touches to our ceremony (including references to Star Trek and the stand-up comedy origins of my husband's and my original acquaintance) that made the days even more special. I would wholeheartedly recommend Erica to anyone who is looking for a helpful, cheerful, magical officiant for their wedding.

Ryan and Sylvia, September 2012

Both Fuzzy and Erica were the officiants at our wedding when my wife I got married. They were both amazing and were more than happy with to help us with any questions we had regarding the ceremony structure, flow and content. They were great at keeping the balance between being excited for our big day and ensuring everything was as grounded as it needed to be. We never hesitated with any questions and they never hesitated with any answers. During the rehearsal, Erica was on top of making sure that people were on task and didn't get distracted by anything else going on. On the big day, they brought a warm energy to the ceremony and we had a number of friends and family comment on how much they loved the service because of them. We would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for officiants to bring smiles and laughs to their special day. --Ryan

Erica is awesome! She was sooo wonderful to work with and we felt so safe and comfortable in her capable hands. She was a perfect mix between business and friend, and she instinctively knew when to put on which hat too. The ceremony we wrote together was a true collaboration, and her stage presence and delivery of said script was perfect. Our family and friends had so many nice things to say about the ceremony, and about her. She really gets it, and is just a wonderful person to have around on such an important day. I know Erica is a very busy woman, but she always managed to make us feel like her top priority. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. --Sylvia

Photo by Johnny + Michelle Wedding Photos

Jen and Dave, August 2012

Erica is a dream, from beginning to end. Early on, she drew on her vast experience to offer suggestions and inspiration, but her aim was always to guide us toward a wedding that 100% reflected our personalities. And on the day of, she was a blessing, wrangling issues and heading problems off at the pass. She's a warm and uplifting presence, and her calm is infectious on what might otherwise have been a hectic day. Finally, her service was thoughtful and beautiful, folding in our experiences and our family and friends. It was the perfect beginning to our marriage!

Photo by True Blue Photos

Emily and Kevin, July 2012

Erica was kind enough to jump in as an "emergency officiant" when it turned out the officiant we had planned to use would be unable to perform much of our ceremony. Erica turned out to be the perfect "finishing touch" on our special day. She brings a sense of joy, happiness, and light with her that really made us feel like our happiness was her first priority. Though she was in an odd situation (our original officiant had helped us plan the ceremony and still delivered much of the service), Erica was totally flexible, willing to "roll with the punches," and in the end you would never have guessed that she wasn't part of the process from the beginning. She even added a few special touches of her own that showed she really understood who we were as a couple and what style of ceremony we wanted. I would absolutely recommend Erica for a ceremony of any kind-- if she did all this for us at the last minute, just imaging what she'll do for you with plenty of time to plan!


Photo by Greg Inda Photography

Noah and Stephanie, August 2011

Working with Erica was the first and easiest decision we made when we started planning our wedding. When she could have just breezed in at the last minute, officiated over the ceremony, and left, she worked with us to make it the ceremony that we wanted and that was the most us, and both in planning and on the day, Erica made sure everything ran smoothly and that we were both comfortable.


Photo by True Blue Photos

Kate and Dan, May 2011

Erica was everything you could ask for in an officiant - thoughtful, generous, kind, and very well-organized. She helped us out from the planning stages to the big day, and she did an amazing job at every step. Erica is the best!


Photo by Soda Fountain Photography

Jodi and Eliot, April 2011

Working with Erica and Fuzzy made the ceremony planning easy and meaningful from the first conversation to the actual wedding day. My husband and I were melding Jewish and Christian traditions. While we had some ideas, Erica went above and beyond researching both faiths to bring real balance to the language and ceremonial elements. We highly recommend working with Erica; she's a true collaborator who will help make the wedding day plan a seamless reality.

Photo by Johnny + Michelle Wedding Photos



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