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Hello! My name is Erica Reid Gerdes. I love romance, weddings and love! I love people and what makes people unique.


I believe that each wedding should be about celebrating what makes the couple special and done the way YOU want it. I love making people feel comfortable and making them laugh.  I love stories, adventure, humor, and each story of what brought two people together.  If you are fun, weird and wicked, why settle for a traditional service, when we can create one that is uniquely YOU?!



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I am a professional comedian, producer and choreographer.  I have weird hair and tattoos. I'm the gal for your wedding!


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This is me! I have more tattoos than this now. I can stand in front of floral bushes like no one's business! Photo by Fuzzy Gerdes.

Long before I started officiating weddings, I was the master of the wedding toast. When it was time to plan my own wedding, my husband and I did everything the way we wanted it from start to finish. Case in point: we had wedding pirates. Yes, Pirates.


I tailor each wedding specifically to a couple and their needs, wants and quirks.  I am comfortable with public speaking, and I will help ease your wedding day jitters. We'll have a great time.



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I believe that marriage is for all! I am available for weddings for all races, genders, and orientations.


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Looking for a duo service? My husband, Fuzzy Gerdes, is also an ordained minister! We can do your wedding together!


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I am ordained through the Universal Life Church. View my Ordainment Credentials!

Location: Chicagoland area and nearby states

Please contact me for more information. Consultations are free!


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