Fuck Cancer

Fuck Cancer Bracelets - Mk4, Main Colors
(top to bottom) (Old) Light Gray, Light Pink, Reflex Blue, Dark Gray

We love the Livestrong bracelets and their message. And, sure, “Imagining” is great, too. But sometimes (hell, for us, often) we feel the need to state things a little more directly. Fuck Cancer. So we made these bracelets to say just that.

Originally, we just made up a batch for ourselves and to hand out to friends and family, but enough people have asked how they could get one that we’re putting up this page. The best way to get one is to run into Erica or Fuzzy and ask—we’ve usually got a few in our pockets or we’ll give you one off our wrists.

And if you want more than one or two, you’re better off just ordering them directly from a silicone bracelet manufacturer. We’ve used 24 Hour Wristbands and Wrist-Band — the quality is a little higher on the former, but a little cheaper on the latter.

But if you don’t live near us and just want one or two, here’s a Paypal link. They’re $3 each with shipping included. If we end up making any money, we donate it to cancer-related charities. Some of our favorites are:

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We’re taking a hiatus from orders

There are some other Fuck Cancer items that other folks make that we like:

Susan Fiedler for Soul Flower designed a beautiful silver bracelet with “fuck cancer” in a flowing script.

Subversive Cross Stitch sells a lovely cross stitch pattern (or full kit) suitable for framing on any mantel.

Our friend thisisrabbit has made a few Fuck Cancer designs, one of which is available as an iPhone wallpaper.

In memory of David Reid and all our survivor friends.

Who we are: Erica Reid Gerdes and Fuzzy Gerdes, just some folks who fucking hate cancer.


Erica -

We just received the bracelets we ordered, plus a few extras you felt you needed to send due to a delay in processing and shipping.

A little history....

My blushing bride Diane was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2004. Her mastectomy was done on 7/15/2004 (her birthday). The tumor was 10cm, and was shaped like a barbell, and the end was facing out, so she had no idea of the size, she just felt a small lump. Dose dense treatment, with the red devil, adriamycin and cytoxin. about 6 lymph nodes removed She was declared clean by here oncologist.

April 2009, some slight spotting lead her again to the oncologist. She was diagnosed with uterine cancer. It was so early, it couldn't even be staged. This resulted in a complete hysterectomy. Fast forward to May, 2011.

During her annual visit with her oncologist, she just mentioned in passing that she had some pain in her lower right quadrant of her abdomen. Here oncologist quickly raised a red flag, and sent her for a MRI & CT scan. There were multiple tumors, with a few as large as 11cm. One needle biopsy and one surgical biopsy, they found stage 3 cancer MMM3, which is ovarian based. She hasn't had ovaries for 2 years.

Now we are at HUP, with one of the 100 top Docs in the country, the head/chair of the gynecological/oncology department, and a professor as well. She just finished her 2nd of 8) chemos(Carboplatin/Taxatere)this past Friday. Lots of unbearable fatigue, but due to Zofran/steroids, and Emend, there is zero/none/nada/zilch nausea. There is also the Neulasta shots I give her the day after her chemo. It is a shame the side effects are so bad, however what is does is so beneficial.

We are hoping to dodge this fcuking bullet for the 3rd time. Time will tell, I guess.

Erica, I am so sorry for the loss of your Dad to this fcuking disease, and we will keep him in our prayers.

I like your attitude about the illness. They are my sentiments exactly. Sorry for running on, but there are lots of people out there that are still being manhandled by this disease. If wishing could make it go away and bring lost ones back, we would all be much happier.

It is the civilians out there that think that a pink (or whatever color) ribbon is represents cancer.

What little do they know, huh?



Thank you so much for sharing your story. You and Diane are certainly in my thoughts and prayers. She sounds like an amazing fighter (as do you), so I hope she comes out of this treatment regimen on top. You've done it before, you can do it again! Stay strong, my friend.

Fuck a bunch of cancer.


My friend Otis of 25 years has had numerous bouts with cancer, the latest and his last struggle was with liver cancer. he is such aloved man, and I wish I could do something to speed his exit from life. There isn'ta ;otof [ain for him, but he is dying every second. We love him, and we hope that he dies in his sleep with dignity. He proudly wears the "Fuck Cancer" wrist band, and his family has asked me to get some additional bracelets. What kind of god allows this to happen? I am very sad.

My Mom was diagnosed in late September 2011. She was diagnosed ith stage 4 Colon cancer (and given hope to be cured) She faught just like everyone else with cancer does...a hard battle, until it took her on Mothers Day this year 2012. WHat a wonderful celebration to her, but sad for all of us. FUCK cancer exactly!! Thank you for letting me share and for sharing all of your stories.

Ordering as many as I can when my paycheck comes Monday... When my mother was pregnant with me, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor... through her entire pregnancy it was largely untreated, because she refused to give me up. She passed away when I was just over a year old. Now, so many years later, the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with is facing 7 weeks of aggressive radiation AND chemotherapy. She's gonna win though. She has to. Fuck cancer.

We want to order some of your Fuck Cancer bracelets. Question: can you give me the diameter of the bracelet. I know several men who want to wear them in support and I guess the average diameter of their writs is between 8" - 10".

My husband lost his mum to breast in 1992 - BUT - she was a 25 year survivor (after the doctors wrote her off with a life expectancy of 6 months). He is recovering from bladder cancer and I have been clear coming up 5 years from a bout with malignant melonoma. I also have a couple of friends going through breast cancer chemo and this bracelet sums up everyone's attitude and we all want to wear it proudly!


Our bracelets are 8.25" in circumference -- pretty much identical to a Livestrong bracelet. I'm a man with average-sized wrists and I wear the bracelet very comfortably.


Hi - is it still possible to buy the Fuck Cancer band?
I live i Denmark - and its impossible to get hold of one.