Where've I Been?

Good question.


Lots going on.

1) Modet and Shmib reached our Kickstarter Goal!! We even exceeded our amount!! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO DONATED! This show is going to be epic.

2) Modet performed at Links Hall's annual "Hot Night of Ballyhoo" THAW on Thursday. It was an honor to be counted among the performers--the whole evening was incredible. There were performance artists, scream coaches, giant mop people, and dance dance dance. We had a blast. It made me remember why Chicago is so great. Afterwards, I said that I wanted to live in that world all the time--a world where you can just be who you are and create the weirdest art you can dream of, wear whatever you want and be accepted for who you are. But the truth is, I DO live in that world, and I am very blessed to be able to do so. I just need to remember that more instead of stressing out all the time.

3) Starting next month, Steve Gadlin's Star Makers is going to be broadcast in 20 cities! It's been a lot of hard work, but it is paying off. See the map of cities (including in Biloxi) here: http://sgstarmakers.com/tune-in/

4) In February I went on tour with She's Crafty and ho-ly crap it was the most fun ever. Living that rockstar life, yo.

Lots of pics and things to come.

(I just have to get over this stomach flu first...)