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Today's Daydream


It's sunny out. I open the windows and the warm breeze blows the window drapes. We sip coffee and play music and bake bread. I'm wearing a breezy blousy top and cut off shorts. The cats wander around the bottle tree artsy veranda outside.

Ok, so in this daydream, apparently we are rich. And we live in New Orleans and it is warmer than 10 degrees outside. And we don't really have jobs, but we create art and enjoy color. But hey, it's my day dream, right?

(I need to get out of Chicago more.)

A Fundraising Campaign for Modet!

I am running a Kickstarter campaign to support my upcoming dance performance entitled Collected and Conscious June 12-14 at Links Hall in Chicago. Here is the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2130177332/collected-and-conscious  This project is so very near and dear to my heart. Here is why:

If you are a reader of my blog, you know that growing up, dance was my life. I wanted to be a professional dancer. I performed in the Nutcracker every year and our annual dance recital was a highlight of every spring. Unfortunately, due to the constant pain in my crummy knees and the potential for more dislocations than I already had, I had to stop dancing full time when I was 18. I still dabbled in classes here and there, and I choreographed when I was able. I switched my focus to comedy when I was in college and moved to Chicago almost 15 years ago to study that craft full time, while choreographing musicals and sketch shows on the side for extra money.

Through the years, I have not only created a successful comedy career that I continue to work in to this day (see: any other post on this blog), but I have established myself as a sought-after choreographer in the burlesque, musical theatre, comedy, and kids theatre worlds. I've danced a little bit, but mostly focused on choreography for others.

In 2013, the planets aligned, and I started my own dance company with a group of amazing women who were looking for a stress-free place to dance and create dances together. The Modet Dance Collective debuted at the Bridgeport Arts Center in conjunction with the Artemesia After 40 Art Opening, and partnered with the Living Room Playmakers to create our first full-length show, Future Perfect Tension, which was performed at Stage773 on June 15, 2014.

In the fall of 2014, Melissa Talleda, a member of Modet, brought her previous dance company from Baltimore, Shmib Dance, to Chicago. Shmib is a modern dance company, which is not a discipline I trained in, but I am having the most amazing time dancing in the company. So now I am dancing in TWO companies, and I could not be happier about it. Yes, my knees still hurt and grind, but I am better about care, rehab and management of the issue, and I know my limits and how to push them.

I feel like it is a rebirth being able to reconnect to the art form I love most. Here I am, 35 years old, living my dreams and feeling stronger and better than ever!

Modet and Shmib are teaming up for this summer's show, Collected and Conscious, at Chicago's dance theatre, Links Hall. The show will be presented in 2 parts: The Modet part of the show is centered around the things in life that we are tortured or burdened by, and when we feel like we are in control and when we don't. Pieces for this portion are choreographed by different members of the collective and are in a variety of styles. The Shmib portion of the show is inspired by the concept of exponential growth, and will be presented in one 45 minute piece. This portion of the show will be performed to live accompaniment from the band Teach Me Equals.

I love working with these amazing dancers and creating the art that I want to create. The pieces that we are creating are emotional, beautiful and silly, and it is the best form of therapy that I have experienced (and I've been in a LOT of therapy!)
I am also pleased to announce that a piece that Melissa and I choreographed for our show last summer was selected to be performed in Links Hall's annual benefit gala THAW on March 19th! We are so excited! Here is the full lineup:

THAW performers.png
SO! The Kickstarter. We are looking to raise money to help with production costs for a weekend of shows in Chicago. Rent, costumes, designers, marketing--it all adds up. If you live in Chicago, first I would like you to come see the show this June. But if you don't, or you are unavailable that weekend, it would mean the world to me if you would consider making a donation to our event. My birthday is in April, so consider it an early birthday present! :)

Our campaign ends March, 22, but the sooner we can secure the money, the better. And remember, with Kickstarters, if you don't reach your goal, you don't get a dime.
THANK YOU for your consideration, and THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!!!!