This week's shows!

There are lots of events happening this week!

Tuesday night, Oct 21, at 7:30pm
Potluck! A Smorgasbord of Ideas!
I have 6 minutes to talk about anything I want. This has been very difficult for me to decide, since I always want to talk about everything.

Friday night, Oct 24 at 10pm
Don't Spit the Water 10 Year Anniversary Show
Whaaaat? 10 years? That is crazy. I'll be donning the ole Cutie Bumblesnatch vest and rocking some Good Vibrations in this reunion/ Farewell to Paul Luikart show.

Saturday night, Oct 25th 7pm
Gapers Block Presents 20x2
Fuzzy and I will both be appearing in this evening of exploring and answering the question "How do you do?"

Hope to see you there!