Fuzzy and Erica


Tonight, the perfect and wonderful Fuzzy took me out on a Mystery Date. He asked me to hold the date over a month ago, and I had no idea what he had in store for us. It was so exciting! So often we have to work at night, or have rehearsals, or have shows, so we rarely get to just GO OUT and enjoy an evening and a nice dinner in a fun restaurant. So I picked him up from work, and I guessed a million places I thought we might be going to. I was wrong on all of them, which was even more exciting.

We had 3 stops in our evening, the first of which was to a "doodle date" with Jana Kinsman of Doodle Booth.  She was lovely and we had a nice conversation and now Fuzzy and I have this freaking adorable new piece of art for our home! It is the sweetest thing ever--I love that Fuzzy thought of this. Plus, look how cute and sincere his little eyes are in the drawing. Also, those are my trusty black tagua nut earrings, and I haven't worn them in a while. I pulled them out again today and thought "well, sorry, other earrings, but I'll be wearing these again for a while." So now they are captured in a portrait.

Thanks, Jana, for the amazing art, and thank you Fuzzy, for the wonderful gift!