Impress These Apes Review in the Chicago Tribune!

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We got a great review today from Nina Metz in the Chicago Tribune!

Some nice quotes:

Every piece works, and I don't know that I can say that about any other theatrical offering in town, comedy or not.


The individual performances are prepped ahead of time, but the apes sitting in judgment are engaged in full-throttle improv, offering sharp jokes but even sharper critiques. This is key. The show has to genuinely push these competitors to bring their A-game. And the judges do it with a real sense of off-the-cuff wit: "I've always wanted to see a Tinder date in a psyche ward," went one observation after a competitor finished his puppet rendition of picking up a woman in Wrigleyville.

The crack panel is comprised of Bryan Bowden (playing a good ol' boy named Bushmeat who began his assessment of Leadley's puppet with: "First off, excellent use of garbage ..."), Steve Gadlin (whose ascot-wearing Barry Shirley is a latter day Charles Nelson Reilly), Paul Luikart (as Captain Apehab) and Erica Reid (maternal but biting as April May).


It really is going to be a great season.

Check it out!

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GREAT!!!! I am so proud of you!!