Life and things and stuff!

Eek! Sorry my blog has become all show promos and things, and that I've turned my Twitter into a place where everything funny goes. (hey! feel free to check out and ready my twitter! It's the place where all the thoughts in my brain go in allllll the time I spend alone in the house.) But let me just say that everything is awesome and shows are great and Chicago is SO FREAKING COLD ALL THE TIME that I am wanting to move but we aren't going to move at least not anytime soon. Fuzzy posted some funny and nice things yesterday, so check those out. He has a cool new job, Latte is awesome and is super snuggly although she currently has a bladder infection. Fuzzy is running a marathon next weekend in Duluth, MN and I am looking forward to the trip. The other day we made homemade donuts. They take a long time to make.

MY BIG DANCE SHOW IS SUNDAY!! Oh my gosh, I am so excited. All the pieces are amazing, and I am really proud of my contributions. We've all been working so hard and the dancers are incredible, and the plays that the Living Room Playmakers are bringing are hilarious and sad and scary and wonderful and the show is going to be EPIC. If you are planning on coming, please note that the content is not suitable for children. Lots-o-cursing. Anyways, Modet, 8pm, Stage 773 $12.

Also, She's Crafty is performing at City Winery on July 8! How cool is that? I've been to a ton of shows there, and now I get to do one! If you've not yet seen She's Crafty, you are missing out! It's crazy the amount of fun I have with these guys.

So, yeah!

Sunday is also Father's Day. I was going to write this sappy letter to dad about all the things he would be proud of and love (Christopher & Katie's work, Jeremy's wedding, my shows, etc etc etc) but then I realized that he knows all of that stuff already, so why put myself through that emotional wringer? It will likely be a hard day--it always is whether I want it to be or not--but I think that it is really nice that I will be dancing, which was my whole life growing up, on a day meant to honor and memorialize our dads. I'll dedicate my performance to him.

Wheee! Life!!