My Surreal Life

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I really do think that I have a charmed and magical life.

This story proves it.

Yesterday, Shannon tweeted to me the following:

I was confused, but expected to see a photo of a Parker-like cat. So I asked for a photo. She sent this.


I freaked out. It isn't a Parker-like image--it literally IS Parker.  Though they changed her eyes a bit.

My cat. My precious little Parker who just passed away is a company's LOGO.

I looked them up. 

She's on the website and on these awesome I <3 My Cat bumper stickers.


I mean, WE all know that she was amazing, awesome and the best cat in the universe, but the fact that someone else saw her and thought the same, enough to make her their COMPANY LOGO just melts my heart and brain. Parker truly was special.

I am utterly dumbfounded.

What's even more amazing to me is that we never would have known if Shannon hadn't randomly seen it out in the world on her ski trip this past weekend. What are the chances!?!? I also love love love that my friends know and love Parker so much that this image is iconic and unmistakable when seen out in the world.

We contacted the company today and are working out the attribution details per the Creative Commons License on the photo. The best part? They are going to send us some stickers!

Parker's life and legacy lives on.

Surreal, right?

1 Comment

ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh.... this is both amazing and kind of scary. Amazing in that OF COURSE this what happened. I am always amazed at how the universe aligns itself but never surprised. So perfect!