Sweet Little Parker

My sweet little Parker died yesterday.

I miss her terribly already. It is going to take a lot of time before I will stop looking for her or aching to hold her. Parker was just a part of my existence since I was 20, and this is the first day I've ever been in Chicago without her.

I am going to blog a lot about her coming up, posting pics and themed photos, etc etc, but I wanted to just update everyone as to what happened. Thank you to everyone who has sent such nice messages and memories about her. As I said to my brother last night, everyone who knows me knew Parker. She was just a part of me.

Fuzzy posted a nice post about her last night.

We are both super sad, but we are doing ok.

I said to the vet yesterday that my daddy was in Heaven waiting for her, and she said "She is going to take good care of him." I think that she is right.

Parker was sassy and beautiful and had so much personality. She was the best cat I've ever known. I am lucky to have been able to share my life with her.

Parker Reid Gerdes April 8, 1999-January 6, 2014