Art Gallery


Fuzzy and I are lucky enough to have central air and heating in our apartment, which is fairly uncommon here in a city full of radiators and window units. What this means each fall/winter (in addition to an increased electricity bill) is that we become second bananas to the floor heat vents for our cats.

Latte started doing this thing where she would sit really close to the wall, facing it, letting the hot air blow on her face. I don't have a great photo of it, but it was really silly.

And she was doing it a LOT.

One day, Fuzzy said "We should put some art there for her to look at."

So I did.

She loved it!

She can think about art for hours.

(these photos are all from different days.)

One day, I noticed that we had a new clientele!

Turns out, Parker is ALSO a fan of art!

One day, when I got home from rehearsal, I saw that Fuzzy had installed a new exhibit.

It's The Starry Night with the Nyan Cat in it. Relevant to their interests! See image here.

Parker heard of the new exhibit and had to check it out!

She loved it!

I wonder when the next exhibit will be installed!


Your Daddy and Mama gave my Mama a coffee cup the said "ART" and before he gave it to her, he asked "Mama, you like Art, don't you?" Had to laugh when I saw the ART on the wall!!! Love you, Susan!

That's hilarious. I had no idea. Same sense of humor!