Living Among the Chaos

So, we're flat out in the middle of August. Fuzzy and I right now are pushed to the max. We're less than a month away from Fuzzy's Iron Man, and he is working out up to 6 hours a day. My triathlon is in 2 weeks, and I am feeling a bit under trained. I am in a ton of rehearsals right now, and working some from home. Fuzzy is editing a million different projects and working a part time job from home. Neither of us are getting enough sleep. We are living out of a series of bags and water bottles. There is crap all over the house. We are almost always too tired to do chores, but we do the best we can. And we just have to keep pushing through.

I had heard somewhere that when one person in a couple is training for an Iron Man, it can be rough on the couple, but we are doing great. We are incredibly patient and tolerant with each other and each other's messes, and we know that our priorities are not housework. Fuzzy and I are a great team, and we know how to work together.

We're in the homestretch. Fuzzy's Iron Man is Sept 8. My shows open Sept 26 & Oct 4th.  We're living each day to the fullest and doing the best we can. YEAH! TEAM GERDES WOOO!

But don't take it personally if we don't invite you over. We'll be able to host again in October. :)