I feel like I haven't been home in forever. Part of that feeling comes from the fact that I haven't been home in forever. We were in both Michigan and Wisconsin last week, I am currently in 2 rehearsal processes, both with at least 2 rehearsals a week, I've been working part time at my old job, and also am training for a triathlon (and made a music video recently, and have been doing shows and also directed that other show. Oh yeah, and I try to see my friends and go out on dates with my husband, too.) So I have been living out of tote bags for a while now.

So yesterday and today, it was an AMAZING treat to have 2 days off and almost all of my plans canceled. I relish moments like that. And I've not been slacking. Here is a brief list of just some of the things I have accomplished in that time:

*I made breakfast, lunch AND dinner in one day. All 3 meals! I love cooking, so that made me really happy.
*In addition to that, I made homemade pretzels, grapefruit curd, and this amazing new chia seed food thingie* that I got the recipe for in BUST magazine (also, the pretzel recipe came from there, too.) I also made a chilled thai peanut noodle dish.
*I sent some cards I've been meaning to send!
*I did a lot of work on Star Makers & Work Shirt!
*I repotted some plants! I don't even really know how to do that, but I did it!
*I did laundry, and even put most of it away!
*I washed all the millions of dishes that I dirtied multiple times!
*I organized the linen closet! It was getting very sitcom closet-y.
*I had a nice long chat with my mom!
*I went for my first official bike training ride for the triathlon! Then I went for a short run!
*I unpacked most of the bags on the floor!
*I cleaned a little!
*I went to the grocery store twice!
*I took out trash and recycling!
*I had drinks with a friend!
*I even (gasp!) WATCHED SOME TV!
*And more that I can't think of!

And now I am freaking exhausted. Fuzzy is responsible for dinner tonight. :)

What an amazing feeling.

*Chia Seed Pudding (it isn't really pudding), recipe from BUST Magazine:
1/4 cup chia seeds, 1.5 cups unsweetened coconut or soy or almond milk, whisk together, refrigerate for a few hours til thick. I topped mine with honey and blueberries and couldn't get enough.