Paris Day 6, Part 1


Friday was the big wedding day! Christopher got up early to do wedding officiant things, and the rest of us took our time getting ready, etc. The wedding was at noon on a boat on the Seine, with the reception taking place at a gorgeous tiny restaurant near where we docked. The wedding date was chosen because of the Fete de la Musique, which is where Jeremy and Jan had their first date.

Lady Liberty misplaced her torch

Lady Liberty's Torch

Tour Eiffel

Some tower.

As if a wedding on a boat on the Seine wasn't enough, here is where the boat was parked for the ceremony:

Eiffel Tower and the Makai

Yup. Right under the tower. It was a dream. So of course I did a "show off your tattoo" photoshoot.

Erica on the boat

Then it was time for Jeremy and Jan's first looks.

First looks

Jan's dress was redesigned/altered by Jeremy's mom out of Jan's mom's wedding dress.


Handsome Jeremy awaits his bride.

Best Friends

I love this. Best friends. Also, check out Christopher's supa-fly suit that he had custom-made in Mwanza!



Ok, so we don't have any photos of the wedding, cause we were all watching and listening. But trust me in that it was gorgeous, funny and sweet. And Christopher did a great job. As a seasoned wedding officiant (ahem), I can say that I am proud of my big brother for the job that he did.

Also, a number of people stood on the bridge above us and watched the wedding. It was so sweet. Everyone applauded when they kissed. And all day, people everywhere on the street and on other boats cheered for J&J. It was awesome and so joyful.


These guys. I love em.


I also love these guys.

Check out my super cool dress, courtesy of the lovely Claire Zulkey! It was also very Parisian, I thought. Thanks, Claire! Though it was colder than I wanted it to be, thus the jacket.

True love

I mean, come on.

The next couple hours were spent drinking and dancing while going up and down the river. Everything was gorgeous. Also, since there were only about 35 of us at the wedding (and we are soooo photogenic), there's going to be a million photos of Fuzzy and I in J&J's official wedding photos. You're welcome, guys.


True love.

Teams Reid and Gerdes

Cuties. (Hey, Katie--nice dress!!)


Notre Dame

Jeremy and Jan



True love.

Erica looks to the future

The Future.

There was a beautiful and perfect moment that happened, too, on the boat. Jan's parents this year are celebrating their 40th anniversary, so they played the song that would have been their first dance song (but for some reason, they didn't have a first dance) "The First Time, Ever I Saw Your Face." (Which Jan awesomely accidentally called "If I Ever See Your Face Again.") They invited everyone up for couples dance. The song is really intense, and also really long, and I was getting really emotional dancing with the love of my life and thinking about our lives and what we've been through and thinking about my parents and everything--needless to say, I was getting really emotional, and the air was REALLY thick. At just the perfect moment, the boat his a rough patch, spraying water ALL over everyone on the front deck. We all DIED laughing and literally shook the water off of us and then the music changed to something more upbeat. It was the perfect tension breaker, and a moment that was better than could have been written.

When we were ready to dock, this is what was waiting for J&J:


Ha-cha-cha! I guess this is a thing in Paris, the "we just got married awesome car" cause we saw others over the weekend. And why not, right?


Cause you get amazing photos like this. Including their way fashionable and gorgeous wedding planner.

Part 2 to come soon!


You look fantastic! I am so glad that that dress was worn at such a fabulous, joyful occasion.

This is so fun to read, you guys are so awesome! What a trip!