Paris Day 4


On Wednesday, the group was going off to Versailles, but I wasn't so much into that. Fz and I only got 2 day museum passes, and there were other things we wanted to see. And I have to say, it was one of my most favorite days of the vacation. Fuzzy went for a run in the morning, so I slept in and read blogs and dozed and listened to music, then we had a leisurely morning and breakfast. The whole day was just for doing whatever the hell we wanted. And I loved it.


Do I look Parisian? I'm thinking about flowers!

First we went to the Pompidou, the modern art museum.


Paris view

The walkway has great views of the city.

Paris view

Then we saw some art!

French School Children Learn about Miro

These French school children learned about Joan Miro. More than a couple of people have told me that my new tattoo reminds them of his work.

Marcel Duchamp's Fountain

Marcel Duchamp's Fountain.  You know I love me some dada.

"Romance isn't romance without a violin playing goat."

Marc Chagall. Of course, "Happiness isn't happiness without a violin playing goat."

Fuzzy recently taught me about International Klein Blue, and here it was! Crazy that you can't quite capture it on screen. Also what you can't tell here is that this is a photograph of a canvas painted this color on a white wall. It was really quite stunning.

International Klein Blue

In a quiet room

This room was padded to be completely silent. Guess what was in it?

Insulated room with unplayed piano

A piano! Oh, the juxtaposition!

After that, we ate a street crepe and kept a-wandering.


Fuzzy's beard is majestic.

Goats in a ditch!

We came across some goats in a ditch!

Goats in a ditch!

The cutest form of lawn mowing.

We headed over to the Musee de l'Orangerie to see some of Claude Monet's Waterlilies (Nympheas). They were gorgeous. No photos allowed, though. When we were finished, it was raining. We took shelter under some trees and just sat in the rain. I loved it.



Handsome Fuzzy in the rain.

Erica in the rain under the trees

Me in the rain. Sadly, it started to DOWNPOUR, but the museum guards were nice enough to let us back inside to try to wait it out. After a while, we decided to leave, but didn't avoid the rain, so we stopped into a cafe for a glass of wine. On our way back to the apartment, look who we saw!

The goats took shelter!

Our goat friends! Taking shelter! How cute is that?!

Well, speaking of cute, what happened next in the day will forever go down in history and never be forgotten. Fuzzy, Christopher, Katie and I were having dinner back home and filling each other in about our respective days' adventures, when we heard something that sounded like a meow. Well, if you know us at all, you know we're all obsessive cat people, so we all got excited. We looked out the window, and this is what we saw.

Our friend, Henri

THIS GUY! Oh my gosh. He was walking along the roof below us! You hear of roof cats in Paris and you think it's a cliche until you see it with your own two eyes.


He was amazing. He had the longest whiskers I've ever seen, and the biggest feet I've ever seen. We named him Henri.


We tried inviting him in, but he didn't want to. Even though we had meat.


That face! He hung out for a little bit, then strolled on down and hopped onto a porch down the way. I could post a million photos of him, but I will only post one more.


I miss him.

It was daylight in Paris til about 10:30pm every night, so at 9:30, we realized that we could still get to the Arc de Triomphe, which was also included in our pass, before it closed. So Fuzzy and I hopped on the Metro and did a little more sight-seeing.


There were a lot of stairs.




The view from the top!







Back down below.


From start to finish, it was an utterly amazing and perfect day.


ERica!! Tres Bien! Escargot! Merci! I couldn't find your email anywhere and am so glad I found your blog, as I've been thinking about you and wanted to get in touch! It looks like you are having a marvelous time on happy you and Fuzzy get to be on this adventure. Hugs!

Art? Goats? Wha's? Paris?! This post has it all. I have LOVED going to Paris with you through these. Super jelly.