Paris Day 2 & 3

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Monday morning the 17th, we woke up and went to have breakfast with Jeremy & Jan and other family and friends!

Fuzzy, Jeremy, Jean

Fuzzy, Jeremy and Jeremy's mom, Jean.



It poured down rain, but we were in a beautiful location!

Back of the Louvre

Tulip Building. This was a helpful landmark in navigating our neighborhood.

This building was a helpful landmark for our navigation.

Monday afternoon, we of course went and got OUR AMAZING TATTOOS! I kind of want to post more photos of it here, but I will spare you. That night, we went to the grocery store and had one of our many meals at home, which were the best: wine, baguettes, cheeses, meats, chocolates, fruits, and my all time favorite--butter with chunky sea salt! I could have lived in that butter.

DAY 3!!


Tuesday was a tourist day!

Actual Photobomb

Actual photobomb by Katie.


More planned photobomb by Jeremy

Thinking about life.

We went over to the Love Lock Bridge. Lovers carve their names into locks, lock them to the bridge, and throw the key into the Seine to secure their love will be locked forever. So sweet.

Love Lock Bridge

Love Lock Bridge

Love on Love Lock Bridge

This one (in the silver) had special meaning to us.

Love Lock Bridge

Then we headed over to Sainte-Chapelle to ooh and ahh over the stained glass.




"Hey guys, I brought the movie. Can I load up the projector?"

"Hey guys, I brought the movie. Can I load up the projector?"

The glass is stained

Then onto the Conciergerie.

"Hey guys! Wanna play ping pong?!"

"Yoo hoo! Up for a game of ping-pong?"


And then Notre-Dame!

Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Notre Dame

I lit a candle in dad's memory.

Erica lit this candle in memory of her father inside the Notre Dame

Fuzzy and Erica outside the Notre Dame

We split off from the group, and I had an amazing salmon quiche and a giant beer. DELISH!


After that, we headed to the Musee d'Orsay for a little while. There was a really awesome exhibit about dark and macabre themes in art, and also this painting.

After that, we went for a stroll and stopped in a garden to have some beers and watch some crows. It was heaven. I think the thing I loved most about the vacation was not being in too much of a rush or schedule, and just sitting and BEING. It was good for me to start really living in the present.

Resting by the garden



Fun times

Another highlight of the trip was just laughing my ass off with Katie. Oh my gosh, what a blast we had! I needed it.

Sliding into home!

Sliding into home!

On the way back home, we passed this amazing building--with plant walls!




So cool!

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Wonderful photos! Can't wait for more :)