Paris Day 1

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It's going to take me forever to blog about our Paris trip, but by gum, I am going to do it. So let's begin, shall we?

We left Chicago at 4:30 Saturday evening, then flew into the future, had some dinner, watched some movies, were fed breakfast, and suddenly we were in Stockholm.


Here is Fuzzy and Pippi Longstocking.

We also saw this store in the airport, though I am not sure really what it was selling.


Then another flight and we were in Paris. PARIS! Oh my gosh, Paris! We landed 2 hours before Christopher and Katie, so I curled up and slept on Fuzzy's lap while he read, and then, as it got closer, got really antsy waiting for this moment:


My brother! The first time we'd been together in a year and a half. That is a crappy photo of me, but I don't even care, cause I am with my brother!


Christopher and Katie! Live, fresh from Africa!



We took at cab to our apartment that we rented for the week. It was in the Passage du Caire, a weird covered garment district wholesale mall/ alley way in the 2nd arrondissment. The location was amazing. But this was greeted us day in and day out:



Hello, Ladies. And Gent. And Cyborg.


The Passage du Caire:

Passage du Caire

After settling in, we walked around the neighborhood exploring, and got a bite to eat. Fuzzy took this photo of Christopher, which is one of my all time favorites of the whole week.

Christopher in his natural environment.


Parisian balloons.

We stopped into a pizza joint and had wine and a nice meal.



French Coke

Le coke.

We walked around a bit more and saw these beautiful things:







We then found the tattoo parlor we were going to the next day, only they were closed for renovations.

Rendez-vous avec Lionel

We got excited, cause we had a "rendez-vous avec Lionel."

We got back to the apartment and discovered this guy.

This guy was in our apartment. For no reason. Our apartment was tiny. He was huge.

Who was huge. And our apartment was teeny tiny. He took up most of C&K's room. He was a special friend to us all that week. Look at his giant feet!

More photos to come!

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