Training News


It's been a while since I've posted an update on my training. We are now 2.5 weeks away from the big 10 mile race, and so far, everything is going great! Here are some random thoughts about random things:

*I've discovered that the regular 3 runs a week training schedule that Fuzzy made for me doesn't jive so much with my body. Running twice a week, however, is my jam.
*The first 2 miles are always hard. Yesterday, with my 5 mile run, the last mile was the easiest by far.
*Running with friends makes running SO much better and easier. I've been lucky to have Andrea and Claire as my training partners again, and the other night Claire and I also ran with Kristen. It helps to talk and distract yourself!
*When running solo, I find that if I plan projects and think about things that I need to think about anyway, it keeps my brain from doing what it wants to do, which is tell me to stop. Shut up, brain!
*Running when it is warm out is SO much better and easier than running when it is cold. It was 54 yesterday for my run, and while some people were in tanks and shorts, I was in my long pants, jacket, hat and gloves. But it was still way easier than running in 30 degrees.
*Soundgarden still is the best running music for me.
*I am excited for the SF 10 to be over, and while I am still going to do some races over the summer, I am looking forward to doing other activities like lake swimming, biking, dance class and yoga.

This weekend, I am going to attempt to run 7 miles, which will be the furthest I've ever run! Wish me luck!


A few months ago, I discovered comedy channel on pandora. I don't know if you run w any device capable of picking up pandora, but if so, I highly recommend it when you are running solo and want to change it up from listening to music. You will look like a fool running and laughing, but it makes for a nice run!

I love running. It's so elusive. Some days I fly, some days I'm so effing slow and it feels like lead. I suppose if I kept a record I could discover why, but I like the catch as catch can of it. You never know when that beautiful run is going to present itself.

And the hard ones, just as much of a lesson in "Keep GOING."

It's the best.

5 miles is A LOT. GO GO!

Ashley--That is great advice! Then your brain can't focus on the discouraging thoughts--it is too caught up in listening to words. I will try that next week. Thank you!

Margaret--Yes! Sometimes my short runs are the hardest. Actually lately, the 2-3 mile runs are way harder than the longer ones! And I never try to run a certain pace--I am just proud of myself for DOING it.

Love you both!