Empowered and Unapologetic

I am me.

Sometimes I am on top of my game. Sometimes I am not. I am a human. This is what humans do. We're not perfect. We're always learning.

I have been thinking a lot lately about my life and journey and how I have changed over the years. I love my life and I am very blessed for all the gifts I have and how fortunate I am.  This morning on my run, I felt empowered and that I cannot be stopped. That I am entering the "Era of Erica" and that I am going to be unapologetically ME.  I am going to be me to the fullest.

Who am I? Well, that is constantly evolving.
I am proud of my Southern roots.
I am a comedian/producer/choreographer.
I am a caregiver.
I have and will continue to battle with anxiety and depression.
I am a wife.
I will never be a mother.
I am not good with children.
I have a lot of wonderful friends.
I am not perfect.
I can sometimes/ most of the time be an asshole.
I am opinionated.
I am angry a lot.
I am happy a lot.
I am not an amazing athlete--but I try.
I am not an amazing dancer--but I love it.

I cannot be everything to everyone and that is ok.

Not only is it ok, it is impossible. The only thing I HAVE to be is true to myself and loving towards my husband (which is the thing I do best, I feel.)  I choose to be compassionate and empathetic to others. I try to be a good friend to the friends that are good to me. And sometimes, you have to let things and people come in and out of your life.

There will be bumps in the road. Without them, life wouldn't be real.

So that's it. Love it or leave it. Take me for who I am. As for me--all bets are off. No holds barred. I am working harder than ever, and juggling more than ever, and the beauty part of it all is, is that I am capable of handling it all. I am taking this life that I was given and making the most of it. And ENJOYING it.



(this blog post was brought to you by the Empowerment Cliche' and Idiom Counsel of America.)