A 19 Years Later Revelation

(And in titling this post, I am blown away that this memory I have is from NINETEEN YEARS AGO. Sheesh. When did we grow up?)

So it was beautifully summery for 2 days here in Chicago, with temperatures in the 80s on Tuesday and Wednesday. I drove with the windows down, wore short-sleeved shirts and skirts and left my jacket at home. It was amazing! Since I was in high school, I've had a "first day of summer" cd, and it is The Breeders "Last Splash". Yesterday I was working (filling in at my old job to help out) and I listed to Sirius XMU all day. They played "Do You Love Me Now" I think it was, and I almost flipped out. So I got home and got out my cd to rock out to today. Well, today is 52 degrees. No matter, I was already in the mindset, so I've listened to it twice.

When we went to Lollapalooza in 1994, Christopher and I were super excited about all the bands including the Breeders. (1994 is, in my opinion, the best year for music of our generation. If you disagree with me, that is fine, but I will fight you to prove my point. Also, I am aware that "Last Splash" came out in 1993, but it was in August, so they were still of that general year.)  When it came time for the song "Drivin' on 9" they made a big deal about a "special guest" and hype hype hyped up the guest. It turns out that it was just a regular old violin player. Oh, ok. We still enjoyed the performance, and thought they were just making a joke about someone being a big deal to make them feel special.

Jump forward to a few years ago, when Fuzzy was talking about this band he loved called Ed's Redeeming Qualities. I had never heard of them, and he told me all about them and played me a lot of their songs. In that conversation, I learned that "Drivin' on 9" was a cover of an Ed's Redeeming Qualities song. Neat! I had no idea!

So today, I am washing my dishes, and the song comes on, and it hits me--I bet the special guest that day was someone from the original band! Wouldn't that be neat? So I looked it up, and found this from Wikipedia:

Carrie Bradley is an American violinist and vocalist. She was a founding member of the alternative folk band Ed's Redeeming Qualities,[1] and has played in The Breeders and 100 Watt Smile.


So yeah, it only took me 19 years, but I figured it out. And that IS a pretty special guest if you ask me.





(Also, I can't talk about seeing The Breeders at Lollapalooza in 1994 without mentioning that Christopher had to go pee during "Divine Hammer.")